Monday, October 21, 2013

all I was

A fools feeling
hands slide over my eyes
as the fire burns and the tide rolls fore ward
neither soothes me.

Youth is where we met
away into the night, you took me
your stare drove me
insane, in silence

I lost your love and lost myself
your love was always all I was.

Monday, August 16, 2010

I was born to be born in this century
Where the lights never stop
and everything is built from the hands of a man

Friday, July 9, 2010


There's a sadness in her eyes, ( thats their infatuation )
Obsession with making her smile.. no even deeper..
Making her light up internally
Lighten the rotten organs that no longer are their for life
But are there for her to be trapped in strife.


I feel machinery underneath me, it irritates my bones.
I am not machine so how am i therefore connected?
Light on the various signs throughout the city reflecting into my eyes..
well it completely defeats the purpose.
Blinded how am i supposed to be attracted to what it is saying?

It's a messed up world and i hardly want to be a part of it.


As my eyes do wander
Insomnia awakens me from my lost reality

In the dead of night i am most alive
the thought of you keeps me reeling

always the thought never the sight
i dream of a day with you

that dream never ends
a continuous chase to your heart

A Public Display

A Public Display I realized really does sicken the soul.
I sit conveniently on my own, I mourn for you, although you are not lost. My mind reels repeatedly over your possible thoughts.
I close my eyes to see a familiar face, familiar but with no meaning.

I could only hope it was all imagined.

I cant Imagine what I Imagined,
Document this night, for it may never occur again. The East Coast fields can hear me approaching, my feet tapping the damp ground it felt like my own. Small droplets of water on blades of grass magnify our new perception of the world, nothing can be wrong, not now, not at this godly hour.

Never will i see into the past of it all, memories fade, they can not be trusted.