Sunday, June 28, 2009


Each blink reveals a memory lost,
unnecessary but significant.


collision of words,
into a louder tone,
beaten with harsh thoughts,
not meant to be uttered
cornered you tear me, shrink me,
small enough to finish,
you catch my gaze of regret,
and put me back together with apologies.


you turned your back on me.
switch the light,
leave me in darkness...
light used to shine on angles
now black is my entirety.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

press firmly

You strum the images in my head,
my heart beat matches the cords you press firmly.
You turned me into a higher note,
You played me.


when you touch me
the feeling

distant guilt

Always distant even in your arms, she's far away.
Your eyes smile tenderly, try to bring her back.
Guilt is what keeps her close, but wonder will always be her love.

threw it away

Undeniably perfect, she still doubts... wonders...
What was lost?
How can it be lost?
When she was the one who threw it all away,
for something better.

wander your thoughts

Lying insecure in your arms,
you lift me with words of light.
I wander your thoughts,
like your fingers trailing down my spine.
I'm drenched in tears of fright.
Hang me to dry,
rinse me out,
and hang me.


Asylum I should be in,waiting for something that will never come.
Waiting in my insanity, I realize love was the best endeavor to stray away from the insane.
What might have been found.

let it run

I should have let it run,
instead I intervened.
Like all the others done,
every time I’m dropped,
someone picks me up again.

lower you dip

bite my lip
grab your chest,
bat my eyes
lower you dip,
into me

tease you with touch,
these lips you wont touch
forever in your grasp,
always far away

you wish you were lost.