Monday, August 24, 2009

miss you

Chosen, you now leave
knowing what you've gained is yours and it can not be taken or destroyed
"miss you" I'll hear.

but ill do more than that.

dead city

the city is dead, nothing grew from concrete.
your attempt to drive me into insanity has failed.
for once you can not tempt me
why do you think i would still want what i can not have
when i have everything i could want.

I will never give this up for you.

here comes my past again

"Here to haunt me again?" I asked
"I've told you i do not haunt, I am just a reminder of regreted mistakes"
"Why should i be reminded"
"History has a way of repeating itself"
This was too true, I could not deny the feeling that this love must fade out has been here before and a heart must be broken. I then realized something new, a feeling to keep it alive.
My past then lit up with my relization
"I do not have t0 be repeated"

and there it disapeared along with the feeling of fading love.


I'll be brief
apologies not needed
you could not wrong me
my own guilt should not be yours to carry


when will your darkness end
you've found a way into my dreams
making them nightmares
vividly i try to strike you down
but previous love holds me back
i could never wrong you


infatuated with spontaneity
you ignore my true faults

once i rid of you ( on impulse )
you will no longer love my spontaneous acts.


The sheep not slaughtered
a lonesome smile dances in a crowded forest
light has yet to escaped her
all trying to obtain what they have lost..
goodness and light


Give me your eyes
so that when I'm gone
I am able to see the grief caused
hot tears for those who cared

but, blinded who will you chose, after I've gone away.

lack there of

An afternoon
what was once there
is now not.

a twisted reflection of what is desired to envision
the end never comes and where did it start?

break through the indestructible window
that leads to a Field of meaning

a lack of inspiration


Heated fingertips
small hills arise on golden land
curtains drape in front of what needs to be seen
stretch towards nothing
cry out for silence

nothing survives

I refuse to believe that you can abandon something that once mattered,
I'm displaced by the way you could speak to me with such animosity,
I though you were something worthwhile
now a part of me will forever be lost with you.
nothing survives


how can you be so cruel like words dont have as much pain
writing words of hate make for ugly poetry