Monday, September 7, 2009

something new?

A door slammed and kale called after me in an irate manor, so I stormed down the stairs and out into the slowly emptying street. I raged through the night and subsequently ran into an artist who was wickedly full of himself and his product. I laughed loudest at this so called artist and his so called talent. I did not feel bad for hurting his pride, because an artist has not truly created art, unless he has created it to share and not just to boast about. After apologizing for my maybe too harsh rant, we sat and discussed. Many topics floated through my mind at that moment, but most we're not appropriate for this man. My undeceive mind eventually stumbled upon a descent subject about the most influential writer in the last 20 years. Which later would somehow turn into an argument about Jay-Z's lyrical history. After a few more cigarettes and a few more arguments about the history of things, I said "hopefully see you again" to the artist who I could not agree with. From there i headed towards the nearest subway station to call kale and apologize for the earliest argument. Apparently I'm the one whose difficult to communicate with.